Характеристики - Misumi Dust-proof Cap (For Plug)

It is mounted to straight plugs and angled plugs and prevents dust or foreign matter from entering into the fitting portion when the connector is not connected.It prevents accidents caused by touching live parts when the connector is not connected.It is available at an affordable price.It is not waterproof, so take care if using in places exposed to water or oil.
У данной серии продукции есть следующие артикулы:
  • MMS25042-12D
  • MMS25042-14D
  • MMS25042-16D
  • MMS25042-18D
  • MMS25042-20D
  • MMS25042-22D
  • MMS25042-24D
  • MMS25042-28D
  • MMS25042-32D
  • MMS25042-36D