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Фото заказа на Murrelektronik 857726 — 13.05.2020

Murrelektronik 857726 — Отгружено 13.05.2020 Доставка в город Ашберн Отправить заявку на

Состав заказа:

  • Производитель: Murrelektronik
  • Страна: Германия
  • Артикульный номер: 857726
  • Описание: Блок питания MCS Schaltnetzteil 2-phasig IN: 340-460VAC OUT: 24-28V/10ADC
  • Дата заказа: 13.05.2020
Менеджеры успешно приняли, отгрузили и сделали фото заказа на Murrelektronik 857726 от 13.05.2020 в город Ашберн. После отправки заявки заказчик получил от компании Фамага лучшую цену. Интересует такой же товар? После отправления заявки, наши менеджеры помогут Вам выбрать и купить нужный товар Murrelektronik в кратчайшие сроки. Для запроса цен и сроков поставки, пожалуйста, заполните форму обратной связи или пришлите описание необходимых Вам наименований на электронный адрес
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INS ALV 1T Automatic mechanic inserting machine model INS ALV 1T for picking cell-like inserts from the working bench, opening them and inserting them in an already shaped cardboard box that has been previously closed in its lower part; production rate is 500 cardboard boxes hour. The inserting machine is composed of: Frame completely made of SS tubular and provided with feet for height adjustment. Motorized storing element for cell-like inserts positioned in the right direction and size. The storing element is suitable for different kinds of cell-like inserts having different lengths and heights. Adjustment settings are marked by millimetric stripes corresponding to the dimensions of cell-like inserts. Suction cups unit: composed of several elements according to the surface to be packaged, they keep cell-like inserts extracting them from storing element with a strength of 3 millibar. Cell-like insets opening and squaring: this device, installed in the upper part of the machine, opens the insert, perfectly T-squares it, keeping it still until final insertion. Pneumatic pump for vacuum effect: it is splined to the machine and its maximum capacity is 10 mt.3/hour; it is complete with a filter for clean air aspiration. Motorized belt for the accumulation and ejection of cardboard boxes, it receives empty accumulated cardboard boxes bypassing them to the centre of the machine under the centring device. (Ready for cell-like insert insertion). Automatic centring device: this vertical sliding device allows the cardboard box to be automatically self-centred to the incoming celllike insert, which has been picked by the picking head. Kinematic systems to transfer cardboard boxes from a working surface to another. These systems are mounted on a double supporting frame that is an integral part of the system and are positioned on the top as to have good visibility both of operating head movement as well as to the shaping of cell-like insert. These movements are guided by tempered bars sliding on ball sleeves. Cell-like inserts picking head: suction cups head is made of steel tubular having 15 mm width template-boring corresponding to the shape of the inserts to be picked. Cupboard for switchboard: it is provided with door holding device and push-button panel for manual or automatic control, realized with PLC having a programmable logic and it is bolted on the opposite side of the storing element. n. 1 Picking heads on 3x4 divider composition. n. 1 Picking heads on 2x3 divider composition. Accident-preventing protecting devices are made of polycarbonate reinforced all along the perimeter by an anticorodal aluminium profile as to obtain good visibility. They are bolted on the structure of the machine and some doors for inspection and maintenance are inserted. All doors are complete with safety devices for an instantaneous stop of the machine. The machine is in conformity with CE regulations. N.B. During running, all the movements of the machine are controlled by safety devices and this assures a simple and accurate working process.
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